Roofing Leblanc your roofing company in Gatineau and surrounding areas

For more than 35 years, Toiture Leblanc has been proud to be your residential and commercial roofing company throughout Gatineau, Hull, Ottawa and the Outaouais region. Whether you need to change the roof, maintain your roof or look for an emergency roof repair service, Toiture Leblanc is the reference in the region.

Your reference roofing company in the Outaouais region!

Toiture Leblanc offers several high quality services for your residential and commercial roofing! Our professional contractors offer you:
W The complete roof manufacture
W Roof repairs in Gatineau and surrounding areas
W Renovation of the roof
W The maintenance of your roofing
W The laying of all types of coating
W Maintenance of your gutters

In addition to our usual roofing services, Toiture Leblanc offers an emergency roof repair service at any time of the week 24/24. Keep our number at hand and never fear the unexpected! Our three teams move quickly to your home to handle the situation without delay.

Competitive and 35 years of expertise in roofing work

Toiture Leblanc is proud to be your reference company in roofing work in the greater Outaouais region. For 35 years, we have worked for residential and commercial clients on all kinds of projects. We perfectly mastered the manufacture and the repair of the roof and we put a particular care in your projects so that you profit from the best price possible service.
Encourage a long-established Quebec company in the region that always strive to give you more!

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Enjoy top-quality roofing by doing business with Toiture Leblanc throughout Hull, Gatineau, Ottawa and the Outaouais. We master residential and commercial roofing. Contact us now to get a quote quickly!