Roofing Leblanc your residential and commercial roofing business anywhere in the Outaouais

35 years of experience

Roofing Leblanc  is your reference contractor for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of your residential and commercial roofing. Our team has been providing professional roofing services for 35 years throughout the Outaouais, Ottawa, Gatineau and Hull.

Do you need urgent roof repairs? Roofing Leblanc remains available 24/7 every day of the week to answer your emergencies. Our team intervenes quickly so that you can find peace of mind back without delay.

Professional roofing manufacturing for homes and businesses

The roof is essential to ensure the weathertightness of your home and your business. Roofing Leblanc manufactures top-of-the-range roofs that are resistant to the demanding climate of Quebec. Whether you want to remake a roof or get a new roof for your new construction, you can count on the expertise of Toiture Leblanc.

We build high quality and resistant roofs using high quality materials and coatings. Whether it is for an aluminum roof or asphalt shingle, trust Toiture Leblanc for the construction of your roof.

Roof repair and emergency service throughout the Outaouais

Is the waterproofness of your roof compromised? Do not neglect the proper functioning of your roof and call Toiture Leblanc at 819 684-1472 as soon as you think your roof is damaged.

Your roof protects you and your building from the weather by keeping the water away. A damaged roof can lead to more serious problems for your home and business that will cost you dearly. Prevent damage by entrusting the repair of your roof to a company that has more than 35 years of experience.

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Emergency roof repair service in the Outaouais sector

Strong winds damaged your roof? A winter storm damaged your roof? Do not be surprised by the unexpected and keep the number of Toiture Leblanc 819 665-3199 close to you for emergency repairs. Our team travels quickly throughout the Outaouais region at any time of the day and at any time of the week to repair your roof in emergency case.

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Maintenance and renovation of the roof to keep your roof at its best at all times

The climate in Quebec is harsh for buildings. Regular maintenance of your roof is essential to avoid costs for repairs. Toiture Leblanc inspects your roof and performs all the necessary maintenance for you that you are protected at all times.

Whether it’s re-sticking asphalt shingles or for a complete cleaning of your roof, trust Leblanc Roofing. Our professional roofers carefully maintain all types of roof coating.

We also maintain your gutters so that they remain functional throughout the year!

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Contact Toiture Leblanc for a professional roofing service in the Outaouais

Toiture Leblanc is your reference company for the manufacture and renovation of roofs throughout the Outaouais, Hull, Ottawa and Gatineau. It does not matter whether you are in the residential or commercial sector, you can trust us. Contact Toiture Leblanc now to get a quote!